Sunday, October 25, 2009

Blastoff Network is HERE!

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Once you confirm your account via the link you will receive in your email after signing up - I will send you a link to our team page loaded with tons of marketing material and ideas, plus a live blog, chat and more to help you reach the full potential of Blastoff!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

What is Blastoff Network - why is it free and what does it do

Here is an amazing new video about the free blastoff network. What you didn't know about getting cash back on your online purchases and why every consumer needs blastoff. Great ready for an internet explosion!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Why blastoff will - Blastoff!

Check out the YouTube video below that has been around for awhile..

- It shows exactly why blastoff is... well... called BLASTOFF. In the meantime make sure to enroll to the right so you can get your blastoff link 2 weeks before the public on 10/22/2009 - It will always be Free!

If you want to start before the public and be able to invite others 2 weeks before the public launch date of 10/26/2009 - Simply join the exclusive opportunity of PPL. PPL is an entirely separate company, but PPL invested into blastoff as a business venture. Because of that you have the EXCLUSIVE opportunity to tell others before the public gets a hold of this monster on 10/26/2009!!!

Exclusive Pre-Pubic Enrollment: (Only good until 10/22/2009) Click Here If you have any questions about joining before the public launch please email me here. - Remember you can also wait until 10/22/2009 and then start inviting those you know when it goes public on 10/26/2009.