Thursday, October 1, 2009

Why blastoff will - Blastoff!

Check out the YouTube video below that has been around for awhile..

- It shows exactly why blastoff is... well... called BLASTOFF. In the meantime make sure to enroll to the right so you can get your blastoff link 2 weeks before the public on 10/22/2009 - It will always be Free!

If you want to start before the public and be able to invite others 2 weeks before the public launch date of 10/26/2009 - Simply join the exclusive opportunity of PPL. PPL is an entirely separate company, but PPL invested into blastoff as a business venture. Because of that you have the EXCLUSIVE opportunity to tell others before the public gets a hold of this monster on 10/26/2009!!!

Exclusive Pre-Pubic Enrollment: (Only good until 10/22/2009) Click Here If you have any questions about joining before the public launch please email me here. - Remember you can also wait until 10/22/2009 and then start inviting those you know when it goes public on 10/26/2009.

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